GRIZZLY is a stand-up comedian born in Southern California. His real name is Christopher, which is the most biblical name there is that’s not actually in the Bible and he’s NOT a Christian… so GRIZZLY it is! 

GRIZZLY‘s comedy stems from his crazy life experiences, from working at Disneyland to being a firefighter in prison after he robbed some banks in Arizona. Once, when he was 10, he gave his grandpa’s 72-year-old blind friend a naked Barbie so he could “read a playboy in braille.” 

Can GRIZZLY do a CLEAN set? Absolutely! Just like Michelangelo could have made the David out of play dough… but we all know that d**k looks better in marble.

Based out of Wisconsin, GRIZZLY is a regular at Skyline Comedy Club in famous Downtown Appleton, WI opening up for some of comedy’s biggest names, hosting events and open mics, even working as doorman for a while.

GRIZZLY has opened up for Dave Attell, Brian Simpson, Hans Kim, Ben Bailey, Josh Wolf, Matt Bellak & Tim Hanlon, Ian Fidance, Mr. Derick, Vikram Balaji, Brian Posehn, Trae Crowder, JT Parr, Chad Kroeger, and more.

GRIZZLY has performed all over the US for clubs and venues (including, but not limited to): Skyline Comedy Club, Comedy on State, Comedy Connects, UTL, Dope City Comedy Show, and Don’t Tell Comedy.

If GRIZZLY isn’t performing, he is probably spending his valued free-time with his pagan wife and 3 heathen children.